Data Analysis and Submission

Last update: 7/01/2013 05:30 PM EST

DCE-MRI Clinical Data Analysis

  • Read the README file for using the ".mat" files
    • The breast tumor ROIs (and the corresponding image slices) are pre-defined for data processing
    • A population-based AIF is provided for each data set. You have the option to extract AIF using your own methods
    • Parameter file (including TR, FA, etc. values) for DCE data analysis is provided.
  • OHSU acquires proton density-weighted images for R10 determination. To reduce complications of this challenge project, these images are not provided. Please use an average R10 of 0.6 s-1.
  • You can use one or more kinetic models to process the data.
Important: each participating QIN site should process the data following their own procedures/methods as much as possible.

Results Presentation

  • Description of the DCE data analysis procedures, including the model(s) used. This is important for writing the manuscript of this multi-center study.
  • Tumor mean values of the DCE-MRI pharmacokinetic parameters at both visits and their percent changes (Visit 2 relative to Visit 1)
    • specify whether the mean values are obtained from all the pre-defined ROIs
  • Tumor parametric maps of the DCE-MRI pharmacokinetic parameters
    • Use the same color scale for Visits 1 and 2 of each patient to reflect changes
  • Percent changes (Visit 2 relative to Visit 1) of the histogram analysis metrics.